The National Bowl, Watling Street (V4), Milton Keynes, MK5 8AA

The National Bowl main arena is a stunning open-air grass amphitheatre, crescent shaped and gently sloping down to a large flat area in front of the stage allowing excellent viewing of the performance from all parts of the arena. There is no seating. Around and inside the perimeter fence, away from the concert arena itself, there is a concourse where the catering units, toilets etc are located.

The Bowl is surrounded by a secure perimeter fence with several entrances/exits allowing access from all sides. For the Electricc Daisy Carnival, more of the land is used to creat a extra entertainment areas to put together a truly spectacular show.

Important information for patrons to rock and pop concerts

Terms and conditions relating to rock and pop concerts at the Bowl are listed on the reverse side of each ticket. PLEASE take time to read this information before making your journey to the venue.
For all enquiries relating to your purchase of tickets for any event at the Bowl, please contact the ticket agent from whom you purchased your ticket.

On arrival at the Bowl, only surrender your ticket for checking by the official security staff positioned at the gates bordering the arena. Your ticket stub will be removed and you will retain the main part of the ticket. There is no readmission to the event so please ensure you have everything with you before you surrender your ticket.

The Venue reserves the right to refuse admission at all times. Pass outs are not available & there will be no re-admission into the Arena.

Neither the promoter nor the venue management shall be held liable for any loss, injury or damage sustained within the venue.

Ticket holders consent to the use of sound recording, filming and photographic pictures which may be used for promotional purposes after the event. For your safety & well being CCTV monitoring is used within and around the Venue.

WARNING Exposure to loud music can cause injury to your hearing and it is very likely that strobe lighting will be used during the event.


The use of audio recording, audio visual recording or video recording equipment, laser pens and unauthorised photographic equipment, i.e. professional photographic cameras, is strictly prohibited within the venue.

No glass bottles, cans, containers, alcohol or food may be brought into the venue. Visitors with special dietary requirements will be allowed to carry in food & medication.  Water and non-alcoholic drinks in sealed, previously unopened plastic bottles up to 500ml may be brought into the Venue.

Fireworks, flares, smoke canisters, flags, banners, poles, seating, umbrellas and any other items considered by security stewards to be a potential hazard are strictly prohibited within the venue and may be confiscated.

The management reserves the right to search all persons and personal property. EDC is an 18 and over only event and you will be required to produce ID.


Any person who fails to comply with instructions from a steward or other person acting for the management, may be ejected from the venue.

Prohibited Substances

The National Bowl, in association with Thames Valley Police  and Milton Keynes Council are firmly committed to preventing the use of prohibited substances at events held at our Venue.  Please note that Drug Sniffer Dogs and trained detection officers and stewards will be in attendance at each concert and event day. Body searches will be carried out on entry.  Persons found carrying drugs will be refused entry and will be handed to the Police who will take such action as may be deemed appropriate.


Beware of Pickpockets

Large Concert events are a favourite target for highly organised groups of Pickpockets and you should try and remain aware of the threat that these gangs represent.  Please keep all your possessions ( cash, credit cards, keys & phone) securely about your person and only bring with you what you will need for the day.  Try to be vigilant and aware of this danger at all times. The National Bowl runs a comprehensive CCTV system supported by our security staff which is designed to assist in the detection of these criminals but we need your help to beat them. For advice on how to beat the pickpockets, click here.


If the event is cancelled please refer to the instructions on the reverse of your ticket.

Animals: No animals other than guide dogs for the blind and deaf. Are permitted in the Arena.

Official merchandise

Can only be obtained from the official merchandise stands and vendors located within the Venue. Do not deal with Street Traders selling counterfeit material.

Parking for visitors with special needs

This is always situated in one of the Bowl Car Parks, the exact location dependant on the event.and there will be signage. Only vehicles that clearly display the blue badge as issued by your local authority will be permitted to enter. The Car Park destination may be changed for production alterations or in inclement weather, check for details in these conditions.

Make a note of the car park you are parked in and the Gate through which you entered the Bowl to make it easier to locate your route home and your vehicle after the event has finished.

Dress for the occasion

This is an outdoor venue – In the event of inclement weather wear warm waterproof clothing.

The National Bowl
Watling Street
Milton Keynes

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